Getting Active.

Today we learned how to move into a space whilst travelling in different ways and directions. We used the hoop as a ‘car’ which we had to ‘drive’ around obstacles. Some times we had to drive forwards and other times we reversed! Can you think of any other games to play with a hoop?


Learning About Money.

As part of our work about toys we are learning to use money. This will help us to pay for toys from our toy shop in our role play area. We sorted coins into sets looking at their shape, colour and value. How would you sort coins?

Block Graphs.

We talked about a block graph which showed how many of us could skip or not skip. We learned to use mathematical words like ‘more’ or ‘less’. How many mathematical words can you think of which we could use to talk about our pictogram learning?

Learning To Skip.

This term we are completing a sponsored skip for the British Heart Foundation. Today we practised skipping, learning how to hold and turn a skipping rope. It was great fun. How well can you skip?

Performing To Parents.

Today we performed our whole school play ‘Oliver With A Twist’ to our parents. We were very excited and stayed for 2 hours after school to perform. We were so proud of ourselves. Here is Rocco, a year 6 pupil, dresses as a constable. how many other parts from the play can you name?

Dress Rehearsal.

Today we tried on our costumes in order to perform in a dress rehearsal for our whole school play ‘Oliver With A Twist’. We wanted to perform our play last term but there was too much snow to come to school so our performances had to be cancelled. We are so excited about performing to parents this week. Do you know who wrote the original story ‘Oliver’?

Our Toyshop.

As part of our learning about toys we have designed a toy shop in our role play area. We are learning to use the role play area with friends. What do you think we could put in our toy shop.