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Making Sandwiches.

Class 1 are growing more independent and have learned to make a sandwich without an adult’s help. This week we made ham sandwiches and eat them as part of our snack. Which is your favourite sandwich filling?

Patterned Fruit Kebabs.

As part of our learning about patterns we made fruit kebabs using bananas and sultanas. They were fun to make and delicious to eat? Can you think of any other fruit we could put on a fruit kebab and make a pattern.

Eat Well Plate!

As part of today’s Farming Friday session, and helping us towards our bronze level cooking award, we made ‘eat well plates’. We used collage materials to create different healthy foods. Can you name 10 healthy foods?

Healthy snacks

We were very lucky to have delicious British strawberries for our fruit snack today. We can’t wait for our own strawberries to be ready now!



Healthy food

We planned some healthy meals and thought about which foods should only be treats. We are growing lots of healthy vegetables.



Delicious school dinners

All week we have been enjoying Chef Craig’s delicious meals for lunch. We are a big fan of the fresh salads.