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Performing To Parents.

Today we performed our whole school play ‘Oliver With A Twist’ to our parents. We were very excited and stayed for 2 hours after school to perform. We were so proud of ourselves. Here is Rocco, a year 6 pupil, dresses as a constable. how many other parts from the play can you name?


Welcome Back To School!

Today we returned to school. it is great to see our friends again and start our new learning. This term’s topic is ‘Toys’. What do you know about toys?


Rhyming words.

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Today we have had a lot of fun looking at words that rhyme and writing them down. As well as writing our own poems and thinking of words we can use that rhyme. What words can you think of that … Continue reading


Calculations of 10!

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Today we have been learning about number bonds. We have learnt that a total is how many there is altogether. As well as adding two groups of numbers together to make 10. We have been writing lots of different calculations … Continue reading

My seaside senses poem!

Today we have been looking at rhyming words. We worked together to come up with some descriptive words about the seaside. We all talked and discussed which words were the best for the poem. What words do you think we have come up with, why not have a look!


Following positional instructions!

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This morning we have had a lot of fun following positional instructions to place our sea creatures under the sea. Here are some positional words we had to follow: on top of, next to, under and beside. Where do you … Continue reading


Super achievement!

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Today Logan received a certificate for trying his hardest in sports day practice and remembering his full P.E kit everyday. Also, Florence was given a certificate for always trying her best, being determined and never giving up. Well done Logan … Continue reading