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Celebrating Success.

Today we celebrated achievements we have made out of school. We cheered our friend in the photo as she had earned her first swimming badge. This is so important as swimming is very good exercise. It is also important to learn to swim because it supports us to stay safe and happy when near or in water. How far can you swim?

Safe And Happy

We are making posters to record how we can keep ourselves safe and happy. Can you suggest ways we can keep ourselves safe and happy at playtime?

Getting Active.

Today we learned how to move into a space whilst travelling in different ways and directions. We used the hoop as a ‘car’ which we had to ‘drive’ around obstacles. Some times we had to drive forwards and other times we reversed! Can you think of any other games to play with a hoop?

Learning To Use Toys.

We are learning to use different toys with our friends. Today we have tried to build models with our friends, sharing ideas and talking about how we can improve our model. This is helping us learn to get on with others to stay safe and happy. What toys do you like sharing with others?

Playground Games.

Today we played some games which we can play on the playground with our friends. This will help us to stay safe and happy as well as get on with others. Playground games also help us keep fit. What do you like playing on the playground?