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Baking Muffins.

Today we baked sultana muffins. We added oil, flour, sugar, eggs and sultanas into a bowl and gently mixed them together. The muffins were delicious! Do you know why it is better to eat home made cakes than shop bought cakes?

Planting Potatoes.

Today is Farming Friday so we got planting! Today we planted lots of early cropping potatoes which will grow and be ready to pick early summer. What other vegetables could we plant this time of year?


Garlic bread

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Today we made garlic bread. We created a massive ball of dough which had doubled in size after it had risen! We had to share it out between 27 children so we each had one to take home. The garlic … Continue reading


Plant, grow, cook, eat – Farming Friday

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This week we have planted potatoes, beans, sweetcorn and garlic. We have been weeding the planters and preparing the soil ready to plant. We have been using the camp fire to role play pirate cooking. At the end of the … Continue reading


Daffodil ebooks

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Green group found a challenge in the creative area. They were challenged to make an ebook about daffodils using all the skills they have learned about creating ebooks and the knowledge they had learned about how flowers grow and live.


Farming Friday

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What do you think might be on the menu for Farming Friday today?



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We learned from Kipper’s mistake and used a recipe to make our carrot cake. Thank you to those parents who looked for a recipe for us, your children really enjoyed sharing what they had found with the class. We made … Continue reading