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Celebrating Success.

Today we celebrated achievements we have made out of school. We cheered our friend in the photo as she had earned her first swimming badge. This is so important as swimming is very good exercise. It is also important to learn to swim because it supports us to stay safe and happy when near or in water. How far can you swim?

Baking Muffins.

Today we baked sultana muffins. We added oil, flour, sugar, eggs and sultanas into a bowl and gently mixed them together. The muffins were delicious! Do you know why it is better to eat home made cakes than shop bought cakes?


Playing Maths Board Games.

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To hep us learn to count on we played board games. It was fun trying to beat our friends! It also gave us the opportunity to count carefully. Which is your favourite board game?


Sponsored skip.

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Today class 1 completed a sponsored skip. We skipped for 10 minuets non stop. The sponsored skip is helping our school raise money for the British Heart Foundation. We all did our very best and had a good time skipping. … Continue reading


Using Number Lines To Help Add.

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Today we began to learn how to use a number line to add two numbers. First we read a calculation then learned how to use the number line to find the total. We had to remember to jump forward as … Continue reading


Looking For Signs Of Spring.

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Today we walked around our school environment looking for signs of spring. We found flowers, listened to the sound of bird song, felt tiny leaf buds and even felt the warmth of the early spring sunshine on our faces. What … Continue reading


As part of our Farming Award we learned about the seasons. We played a matching game with our friends and talked about each season. What facts can you write about each season?

Painting Farm Animals.

Children have been painting their own farm animals from farmer Dereks farm. The children painted cows, sheep, farmer Derek, Molly the dog and a tractor.

What types of farm can you name?



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We segmented and blended words with the phoneme ‘x’ like ‘box’ and ‘mix’. How many words can you think of which have the grapheme ‘x’ in?

Visit To The Library.

Today we went to the library for story time. We really enjoyed our story ‘Snow Friends’. Which is your favourite story?