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Planting Potatoes.

Today is Farming Friday so we got planting! Today we planted lots of early cropping potatoes which will grow and be ready to pick early summer. What other vegetables could we plant this time of year?


Making Patterns.

During challenge time we made our own patterns choosing equipment to make the pattern with. What pattern can you see here?

Patterned Fruit Kebabs.

As part of our learning about patterns we made fruit kebabs using bananas and sultanas. They were fun to make and delicious to eat? Can you think of any other fruit we could put on a fruit kebab and make a pattern.


Class 1 are learning about coding. We talked about direction and giving simple instructions to move to a given target. We recorded moves on whiteboards. What do you know about coding?

Rhyming Words.

This week we are learning about rhyming words. We changed the initial phoneme to generate new words. Can you think of any more words which rhyme with ‘sat’?


We are determined to skip well during our sponsored skip to raise money for the British Heart Foundation. This week we practised turning the rope quickly and stepping carefully over the rope when it landed by our feet. How are you getting on with your skipping practice?

Safe And Happy

We are making posters to record how we can keep ourselves safe and happy. Can you suggest ways we can keep ourselves safe and happy at playtime?