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Rhyming words.

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Today we have had a lot of fun looking at words that rhyme and writing them down. As well as writing our own poems and thinking of words we can use that rhyme. What words can you think of that … Continue reading


Calculations of 10!

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Today we have been learning about number bonds. We have learnt that a total is how many there is altogether. As well as adding two groups of numbers together to make 10. We have been writing lots of different calculations … Continue reading

My seaside senses poem!

Today we have been looking at rhyming words. We worked together to come up with some descriptive words about the seaside. We all talked and discussed which words were the best for the poem. What words do you think we have come up with, why not have a look!


Telling the time!

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Today we have been looking at time. We have learnt how to use time words, we have been able to say what we do at different times of the day and been playing what’s the time Mr Wolf. Take a … Continue reading


The Rainbow Fish!

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Today we have looked at the story of The Rainbow Fish. We all had a group discussion about the book and know that a story needs a beginning, middle and an end. We have all been using descriptive words to … Continue reading


Measuring using a ruler!

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We have had a lot of fun measuring objects using a ruler. We have been using a baseline to measure the objects and have learnt we measure in cm. 


Sounding out letters and words!

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This morning we were sounding out letters and words in a sentence. Then we had to match the correct sentence to the picture. As well as sounding out words and matching them to pictures plus doing individual reading.