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We learned from Kipper’s mistake and used a recipe to make our carrot cake. Thank you to those parents who looked for a recipe for us, your children really enjoyed sharing what they had found with the class. We made … Continue reading


Carrot cake

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Whilst digging today we found lots of carrots. We made carrot cakes but We don’t think we would like to eat these carrots! Do you know how to make carrot cakes that we can eat?


The Farm (part one)

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We had so much fun at the farm. Here we are out and about, meeting the animals and going on a nature walk.



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We can’t tell you too much about what we’re doing here…you’ll have to wait and see!

Borneo Animals

After starting our research about Sumatra, Borneo and orang-utans we have stated to make our own orang-utan and pigmy elephant.



Plant sale

We loved taking our parents to the plant sale. We all bought lots of fruit and vegetable plants and have been busy planting them at home. We bought a strawberry plant from class 6 and they are growing really well. What is growing in your garden?


Plant sale preparations

We have been growing these carrots in our indoor garden. Now we are planting them out into pots for the plant sale.


Farming Friday – sun dials

We made our own sun dials as it was beautiful and sunny this morning. However, by the time we had made them the sun was covered by clouds! We now know you can’t see the shadows caused by the sun when it is cloudy!




We noticed that our strawberry plants have their first signs of fruit. We know they are not ready to eat though as they are green and hard.


Plant sale – #2

After the success of the first plant sale we have decided to open it up for one day only…and we’re inviting parents!! We have lots of plants to sell so bring along your change! Look out for a keynote all about it on the website and an invitation from your child.
It will be held on Tuesday 16th a June in the school hall.