Safe And Happy

We are making posters to record how we can keep ourselves safe and happy. Can you suggest ways we can keep ourselves safe and happy at playtime?


Visiting The Library.

Today we went to the library for story time. We heard about ‘Mog’ the cat and her adventures with a family of foxes. Which is your favourite story?

Sorting Toys.

As part of our data handling we are sorting toys into sets and talking about our ideas. Here we are sorting toys into a set of toys which move and a set which do not move. How many toys can you name that move?


Making Mushroom Soup!

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This week we have cooked mushroom soup. We learned that mushrooms are good for us. We also practised cutting them into small pieces ready for the soup pot. It was really tricky making sure we held the knife properly and … Continue reading


As part of our learning towards completing a sponsored skip for the British Heart Foundation we practised our skipping skills. We learned how to hold the skipping rope and practised bringing the rope over our head before stepping over it carefully. It was very hard but we are learning to persevere as we want to become great skippers. Can you give us 3 reasons why skipping is good for us?

Eat Well Plate!

As part of today’s Farming Friday session, and helping us towards our bronze level cooking award, we made ‘eat well plates’. We used collage materials to create different healthy foods. Can you name 10 healthy foods?

Learning Digraphs.

Today we learned the digraph ‘ee’. Some of us went outdoors and practised writing the graphemes. We are learning that when we see the two graphemes ‘e’ and ‘e’ together they make 1 sound. Can you think of any other graphemes which also make the phoneme ‘ee’.