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Making Mushroom Soup!

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This week we have cooked mushroom soup. We learned that mushrooms are good for us. We also practised cutting them into small pieces ready for the soup pot. It was really tricky making sure we held the knife properly and … Continue reading


Garlic bread

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Today we made garlic bread. We created a massive ball of dough which had doubled in size after it had risen! We had to share it out between 27 children so we each had one to take home. The garlic … Continue reading


Farming Friday

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What do you think might be on the menu for Farming Friday today?

Farming Friday – egg and cress sandwiches

We have been growing cress so we researched what we could cook using cress. We decided to make egg and cress sandwiches. In literacy this week we have been learning to write and follow instructions so we followed instructions to make the sandwiches. We also learned about animal classifications today. We learned that chickens are a bird and one of the ways we can tell is because they lay eggs! The sandwiches were delicious!




What will we cook today?

Jack has brought us some beans from his beanstalk. We have hoisin sauce, soy sauce, peanut butter, spring onions, ginger and green beans…I wonder what we could be cooking today?


Delicious school dinners

All week we have been enjoying Chef Craig’s delicious meals for lunch. We are a big fan of the fresh salads.






This week class 1 and class 2 have been responsible for making the flapjacks for the whole school at snack time. We measured all the ingredients carefully and enjoyed looking at numbers in the hundreds on the scale.