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Sorting Toys.

As part of our data handling we are sorting toys into sets and talking about our ideas. Here we are sorting toys into a set of toys which move and a set which do not move. How many toys can you name that move?

What Is Class 1’s Favourite Toy?

Santa left us a letter. It said that he thought teddy bears were our favourite toy this Christmas. We completed a pictogram to see if he was right. What was your favourite toy this Christmas?

And the winner is…

After tasting the vegetables yesterday we had to decide which was our favourite today. We made a graph to show our favourite and then used it in our maths. Can you use the data to find the answers to these questions, like we did?
Which is the most popular?
Which is the least popular?
How many children liked spring onions?
How many children were there altogether?
Write your answers as a comment below.