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Problem Solving Using The Train Track!

As we are learning about toys Class 1 are using the train track to practise their problem solving skills. We are learning to connect the train track pieces so they make a loop, finishing and ending in the same place. We are learning to look at the shape of the track pieces and then choose the right shape pieces to make a loop. Can you suggest any other shapes we could make our train track keeping the ‘rule’ that it must start and finish in the same place?


Kipper’s Toy Box.

Today we began learning based upon Kipper’s Toy Box. We used 3D shapes to make Kipper’s toy box. What 3D shapes can you name?


Length challenge

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Mummy bear left us a note to say the three bears had been catching shadows in our yard. They drew around each other’s shadows and mummy bear thought her shadow was the longest. We thought she might be wrong so … Continue reading