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Learning To Write Tricky Words.

Class 1are learning to write some tricky words. Today some of us used iPads to learn to write ‘you’. We also joined graphemes. How many tricky words can you list?

Noisy Plates!

This afternoon in class 1 we have been decorating our noisy plates. Once they are finished we will be stapling the plate to another one and adding rice. This will create our own musical instrument.

We have been thinking about the different sounds it might make.

What sound do you think our plates will make?

Our new class author

This week we have had a new class author David Mckee.

This afternoon class 1 went into the library to read a book by our new author. We read ELMER’S SPECIAL DAY. We all enjoyed this book and got very excited about the different coloured elephants.

Who’s your favourite author?

Rhyming Words.

This week we are learning about rhyming words. We changed the initial phoneme to generate new words. Can you think of any more words which rhyme with ‘sat’?

Visiting The Library.

Today we went to the library for story time. We heard about ‘Mog’ the cat and her adventures with a family of foxes. Which is your favourite story?

Learning Digraphs.

Today we learned the digraph ‘ee’. Some of us went outdoors and practised writing the graphemes. We are learning that when we see the two graphemes ‘e’ and ‘e’ together they make 1 sound. Can you think of any other graphemes which also make the phoneme ‘ee’.

Kipper’s Toy Box.

Today we began learning based upon Kipper’s Toy Box. We used 3D shapes to make Kipper’s toy box. What 3D shapes can you name?