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As part of our Farming Award we learned about the seasons. We played a matching game with our friends and talked about each season. What facts can you write about each season?

Painting Farm Animals.

Children have been painting their own farm animals from farmer Dereks farm. The children painted cows, sheep, farmer Derek, Molly the dog and a tractor.

What types of farm can you name?

Noisy Plates!

This afternoon in class 1 we have been decorating our noisy plates. Once they are finished we will be stapling the plate to another one and adding rice. This will create our own musical instrument.

We have been thinking about the different sounds it might make.

What sound do you think our plates will make?

Chinese New Year Celebrations.

Today, we listened to the traditional Chinese New Year story about animals who raced across a river so the Emperor would name a year after them. Then we watched videos showing how Chinese New Year is celebrated around the world. We really enjoyed this. Finally, we made our own Chinese lanterns. Do you know which animal this Year is named after?

Safe And Happy

We are making posters to record how we can keep ourselves safe and happy. Can you suggest ways we can keep ourselves safe and happy at playtime?

Eat Well Plate!

As part of today’s Farming Friday session, and helping us towards our bronze level cooking award, we made ‘eat well plates’. We used collage materials to create different healthy foods. Can you name 10 healthy foods?

Problem Solving Using The Train Track!

As we are learning about toys Class 1 are using the train track to practise their problem solving skills. We are learning to connect the train track pieces so they make a loop, finishing and ending in the same place. We are learning to look at the shape of the track pieces and then choose the right shape pieces to make a loop. Can you suggest any other shapes we could make our train track keeping the ‘rule’ that it must start and finish in the same place?