20151106-115533.jpg As part of our ongoing work on British Heroes and British values the teachers have once again been championing their own Heroes. As we remember those who served our country, we learn about the values that kept them going. On our website you will find pictures, videos and names. Can you match the photo to the name and video of our English heroes? Which class will gather the most post blogs?


6 responses to “Remembrance.

  1. I’m really pleased on how well Alicia has come on since being at the school with reading ,maths. Love that we can see what they are doing on the blogs, keep up the good work wombridge and class 1!


    • wombridgeprimaryclass1

      Thank you. The children really love to talk about their learning through the blog and love to hear parents comments.


  2. keep up the good work class 1 x


  3. Molly Sloane : Nicholas win ton – pic 2, video 6
    Lieutenant William hodgson – pic top 4, video 3
    Edith carvel lie- pic 5, video 4
    Field Marshall Bernard Montgomery- pic 7, video 1
    Sargent early- pic 6, video 5
    John William street- pic bottom 4, video 7
    Winston Churchill- pic 1, video 2


  4. Molly loves coming to school and learning


  5. As a parent I think it is important to know how our children are doing in school and this site and blog is something I find really interesting and very helpful. Max’s reading capability is astonishing and this down to the encouragement from Miss Lomas and her staff. Max works alot better when incentives are put in place and this is exactly why Max is successful within his reading skills. Thank you for your support with Max’s education, I look forward to hearing all about his day when I get home from work and being involved with his home work and Reading. Thank you, Jodie (Max’s Mum)


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